Infections and identified cases of COVID-19 from random testing data – Allen Caldwell, Max Planck Institute for Physics, Munich

Abstract: There are many hard-to-reconcile numbers circulating concerning Covid-19. Using reports from random testing, the fatality ratio per infection is evaluated and used to extract further information on the actual fraction of infections and the success of their identification for different countries.

The PDF can be downloaded here.

INSIGHTS ITN Blog – Post Zero

by Tommaso Dorigo

As a coordinator of the outreach work package of the INSIGHTS EU ITN, I welcome you to this blog! To address the chance that you casually come by, I feel I need to explain from the outset what a EU ITN is, and what we are in particular.

The European Commission has a program called Horizon2020 within which several initiatives have been funded to foster research, innovation, and training to improve our society. In particular one of these initiatives is called “Marie Curie Actions”. Within these actions the ITN (for “innovative training networks”) is a scheme Continue reading “INSIGHTS ITN Blog – Post Zero”