Meet ESR: Victor Ananyev

Hello All!
I’m Victor and I’m an ESR at the University of Oslo within the INSIGHTS network. My supervisor is Alexander Lincoln Read, he is a Professor at UiO and an expert in Higgs physics and Statistics within the ATLAS collaboration.

I was born in Kyiv, a capital city of Ukraine, and there my scientific trip has started. My acquaintance with Natural Sciences traces its origin to the high school — KNSL #145 where I spent 4 amazing years of being continuously distracted from computers and learning to entertain myself with only math, physics, pen and paper. Nevertheless, I kept spending my free time on programming (that time web technologies were at the level where C++ is now in comparison to Python). Keeping both science and computers together became a sophisticated task for me to stay social 🙂


After school, I entered Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv to learn Physics. I was not sure what I would do for living that time so I chose the most promising sphere for me to grow and develop. I did my Bachelor and Master in Kyiv studying Quantum Field Theory in application to High Energy Physics. I also attended courses hosted by Bogoliubov Institute for Theoretical Physics. The warm atmosphere of people discussing Representation theory and Fiber bundles while having tea in the kitchen has bought my attention to advanced math. Is there anything more powerful than coffee breaks that encourage students to attend optional lectures?
Since the last years of the Bachelor program, I got engaged in the Heavy Quarkonia physics project at Mainz University in Germany. Lately, this activity under the supervision of Marc Vanderhaeghen resulted in my Master’s. This period was also an intense traveling time for me and @Artem (yes, we know each other since KNSL where we were classmates and then became groupmates at Univesity), we were attending a variety of winter and summer schools in physics which has widen our understanding of what are the hot topics in science these days. Machine Learning and Advanced statistics have definitely entered the list!
After I finished my Master’s, I was very picky in choosing the Ph. D. program while professors were picky on their side as well for choosing suitable candidates, thus it took a year for me to find the match and get matched. During this year I gave the deserved freedom to my passion for programming and entered the R&D squad of Israeli startup Emedgene. We were developing a platform for automated interpretation of the human genome saving hours of time clinicians spend analyzing patients’ cases. It was not only a software engineering job but also good training in bioinformatics and applied genetics.


Since September 2019 I’m doing a Ph. D. in Experimental Physics as an ESR of INSIGHTS network and an employee of the University of Oslo. As I have already mentioned, Higgs physics will be a sphere of our research. We plan to target the Higgs CP-violating sector and to develop advanced methods in statistics (like ML and Bayesian approaches) in order to approach required efficiency and sensitivity.


I’m very happy to join the Team! Thank you for providing me with such an opportunity!

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